Reach Your Goals Through Brain Training

Let’s talk about how you can reach your goals through brain training. Goals are completely necessary in order to achieve anything. So many people don’t have goals. Even more, people don’t know how to set goals, never mind attain them. I will help you discover your true, unique, authentic goals. The ones you really care about and really want to achieve.

I have done this and you can too (with my help).

It took me a long time to realize what my goals were. I thought I knew what I wanted. It turned out that those ideas were planted in me by my parents, teachers, siblings, and even my husband (as much as I adore him). The activities that we will do together, I have done. They have led me to this work. They led me out of a marriage that was completely wrong for me (thank God), out of medical school, out of friendships, out of Buffalo, NY, and into the life I lead today. I have arrived at my true authentic self. Let me help you do that too.

How Can I Reach My Goals?

I will help you plot the course for achieving the biggest goals in your life. We will do this by chunking them down into smaller action steps. Then, we’ll make a plan to get that action plan going. Accountability becomes super important.  I will keep you accountable. You will want to keep moving forward because you will taste the fruits of your labor. It is so exciting to make goals and then accomplish them. I want you to feel that feeling.

Let me tell you how Brain Training and all of the other Biofeedback pieces of training fit into goal setting and achievement. First and foremost, to reach your full potential, it is essential that you learn to respond thoughtfully and intentionally. By training your brain and body to be calmer and more focused, you will be in the zone of making your goals happen. They will begin to happen without you trying as hard because you are in a new state. This works.

Full Potential Goals Assessment

Your long-term goals and short-term objectives will be identified through this assessment tool. Once identified a plan will be outlined, with the help of Dr. Trish Leigh, so that you can take action steps toward achieving those goals. Neuro training of the above parameters will improve the way your brain and body function. This will make it easier for you to implement the strategies and make gains quicker toward your Full Potential.

I am a HUGE fan of the Muse Calm Brain Sensing Headband. As such, I’ve been using it myself and recommending it to patients for years. I am so excited to have finally developed a specialized Neuro Training Program centered around using the Muse Calm Headband. I have the skills and knowledge to take your practice to the next level if you are a “Muser”. If not, I will show you how.

Join me for your personalized Neuro Training program. Not only will we have a ton of fun, but you will also end up a better version of yourself too. Find out all the elements that it includes HERE. Here is the shortlist:

  • EEG Biofeedback Brain Training (my fav)
  • Heart Rate Efficiency Training
  • Breathing Efficiency Training
  • Body Movement Efficiency Training
  • Sleep Efficiency Training
  • Personality Testing & Optimization (this is mindblowing)
  • Goal Setting & Realization

Let’s Do This. Let me help you #controlyourbrain

If you’d like a FREE consultation with Dr. Trish Leigh to see if this program feels like a good fit, schedule one HERE.


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