Billie Eilish Admits Being Addicted to Porn

Billie Eilish Admits Being Addicted To Porn

Billy Eilish just said, “porn really destroyed my brain.” Let’s break it down, discuss it, and get some learning points out of Billie Eilish’s experience.

Billie Eilish just had an interview with Howard Stern. In that interview, she said that she became addicted to pornography after finding it at the age of 11. She said that basically, she consumed it and that it made her “miserable”  throughout her teen years. It’s a heartfelt interview where she says that she’s angry. She uses the word “angry” that porn is so loved and that she’s angry at herself for thinking it was okay. I know that that resonates with so many people. What happened to Billie is so typical.

Porn Addiction is Taking Over

We know from science that the majority of consumers are between the age of 12 and 17. That is a scary statistic. What I want you to know if you’re young, is that people think it’s okay.  It’s not okay. It’s very damaging. She said in this interview that she thought it was cool. She would tell people that watching porn is cool and she was learning a lot about sex from pornography. Unfortunately, what she learned is that sex and violence were coupled.

 She talks about the escalation of her habit and that it escalated into the fact that she had to watch very violent genres to feel aroused. It gave her nightmares and night terrors and disrupted her sleep cycle. She went on to say it created a whole host of problems for her.

 Now she’s talking out against it. She is saying that it’s not empowering for anybody and that, in fact, it’s very brain-damaging. That it creates all these problems in your world that you’re not aware of when you find it. Especially, when you’re young.

What We Can Learn From Billie Eilish’s Experience

 The first takeaway from Billie Eilish’s experience with porn is when you’re young and you find it, you must bounce back out of the screen. It only holds pain for you. It is seeming pleasure with pain on the back end. The sooner and the faster you get out the better. Secondly, it WILL escalate. People don’t realize that it must escalate to give your brain the same amount of dopamine in your system over time. Third, it’s going to destroy your real sexual experiences.

 Billie Eilish said she when she was watching porn she hadn’t even had real sex with a real partner yet. She then said when it came time to be with a partner she thought all the things, all the violent things, that she was watching is what she was supposed to be doing. Then, of course, after she left the screen behind she realized that’s not what real sex is about. It escalates and it creates a problem in your real world. Lastly, if you know Billie Eilish, I want you to tell her the damage to your brain is real when you’re in the screen, but your brain can heal.

Healing From Porn

 Just staying out of the screen doesn’t heal your brain from porn use. However, implementing the brain tip strategies that I offer at the end of these videos will. Getting the brain training headband that I always talk about can help to heal your brain from the damage from porn. Subscribe to this channel, start implementing the strategies, and give Billie Eilish a shout-out. Please send her my way if she needs more help.

This impacts everybody. It impacts you whether you’re rich, you’re poor, you’re famous, you’re infamous, or nobody knows about you. This is everybody’s problem and I’m here to help you come out of the screen and live your best life.

 If you’re looking for more help on this journey I have programs and different shapes and sizes.

Until next time control your brain or it’ll control you.

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