What Does an ADHD qEEG Brain Map Look Like?

Do you want to know what an ADHD qEEG Brain Map looks like? Then you are in the right place. I’m Dr.  Trish Leigh, Cognitive Neuroscientist, let me tell you.

Watch the video I made for a quick explanation and keep reading below to learn more about the topic.


5 Main Brain Speeds

First, let me tell you the five main brain speeds that you will see on your qEEG brain map. What you will see on your qEEG Brain Map are the primary brain speeds: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and High Beta or Gamma. 

Let’s start with Delta. It is the extra slow brain speed that gets your brain into sleep. Theta, slow brain speed, shifts your brain into sleep. You feel Theta increasing as you feel groggy and sleepy at night. Alpha, medium speed, is couch mode or relaxation mode. It’s used to slow your brain down so that it can relax. Then we have Beta, low Beta is perfect processing speed for calm focus. High Beta is that stressy anxious speed when you using too much High Beta you’re in anxiety mode. 

We also see something on this map called Gama, which is actually epiphany mode and Gama has been shown to be able to bump itself up when your brain is calm and focused. 


Adult ADHD Brain Map 

What we see in an adult ADHD brain map is an excessive amount of Theta, slow brain speed. Meaning that the brain is using too much breaking and in this case, we see that the majority of the brain is red. That’s three standard deviations of where it should be for optimal functioning. So 99.9% of the population is using a better brain pattern for theta than this brain map. When your brain is using too much Theta it’s almost impossible to stay focused, not get distracted, and to be productive. 

Continue reading to learn more about ADHD brain maps and what they look like. 

Many people misunderstand how the brain pattern for ADHD works. They think that their brain is running fast and that’s why that person has hyperactive behaviors. However, it’s not it’s a brain that’s running slow and that’s why when you go to the doctor they prescribe medication to you. They’ll give you a stimulant medication to speed your brain up for that time that it’s in your system. 


Neurofeedback Brain Training

Now, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do that because neurofeedback brain training is scientifically proven through many research studies to reduce Theta production. So it will bring all that red in the brain map down. As your brain is producing less Theta now it will be in an engaged and focus mode. 


More Information 

If you want to know more information about adult ADHD, how the brain creates it, and about how you can engage in a personal neuro training and coaching program visit the Personal Neuro Training & Coaching page HERE for more information. Check out my private practice at leighbrainandspine.com

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