Get Rid of Headaches with Neurofeedback Therapy

If you want to get rid of headaches, then keep reading.

With advances in neuroscience and technology, there is no need to deal with pain and anguish. You deserve to feel great and accomplish your goals each and every day. 

From Daily Headaches to Graduation, College and a Job with Neurofeedback

Today’s Success story is of a 17-year old young man who suffered with debilitating headaches for most of his life. He really wanted to get rid of headaches and start living his life. The headaches made it hard for him to go to school. If he could make it to school, the pain would make it all but impossible to do his homework afterwards. He was on a downward spiral until he met me and my hubbie, Dr. Cosmas Leigh. We introduced him to Neurofeedback training and the rest is history.

Stan began his Neurofeedback training and began to feel slightly better immediately. His sleep was so poor for so long, due to the headaches, that is was remarkable for him when he began to get a good night sleep. Improved sleep was a game changer for Stan and this aspect of his training really started a much quicker upward spiral.

With a good night’s sleep under his belt consistently, Stan was able to make it to school and with more sessions of Neurofeedback he was able to engage with his school work without getting headaches. I advised him (like I advise everyone else I meet) to work in a balanced fashion; using his brain for a while, then taking a break from brain intensive activities. This means he would do school work and then relax for a while. If you want to know what I mean by this check out my brain tip on how to balance your brain for more productivity and less stress.

After 3 months Stan felt like a new man and school was easier and more enjoyable than ever. His mom got a tutor to work with him after school to help him catch up on all the content he had missed due to his headaches. By the end of the school year, Stan was caught up, he graduated, started some college courses, got himself a job, and was beginning to thrive on his own. He couldn’t believe he was able to get rid of headaches that had been torturing him for so long. This would have been a pipe dream before Neurofeedback.

How Does Neurofeedback Work for Headaches?

Let me tell you why Neurofeedback works in this way. It is simple science (something I love) and works in three steps. Stan was in a hard-core negative feedback loop. It works like this.

A Negative Feedback Loop Creates Problems

  • His headaches made it so he couldn’t go to school or do homework. Also, he couldn’t sleep.
  • This made it so his grades suffered.
  • He got so behind and overwhelmed that his cause felt lost.

A negative brain pattern creates negative behaviors that get the person negative outcomes. This is your proverbial downward spiral. The key to success is to break the negative feedback loop and create a positive one. It goes like this.

A Positive Feedback Loop Creates an Upward Spiral

  • He is able to go to school and get better grades. Feeling better and his success at school helps him to work with a tutor to get caught up.
  • Graduating makes him feel confident to take college classes and get a job. Both these things make him feel stronger and more confident. Poof… a positive feedback loop.
  • Stan’s headaches decreased because his brain began to perform better through Neurofeedback therapy.

Whether we like it or not, we are basically always in feedback loops. Perhaps you can identify your own. Negative feedback loops can be changed and made positive. If you are really stuck in a negative feedback loop because your brain is stuck in a gear, Neurofeedback could be the key to success. Let’s look at the brain pattern that kept Stan stuck in headache gear.

What Causes Headaches?

Stan had a qEEG Brain Map performed at Leigh Brain & Spine and we were not shocked to find that his brain was using too much extra fast speed (High Beta) to compensate for too much slow speed (Theta). What this means is that Stan’s brain was running extra slow creating brain fog, difficulty focusing, memory issues, and slow information processing. To offset this slow processing speed his brain had been using extra fast speed in excess to try to get the brain going enough to learn and perform.

This, essentially, is like braking and gassing of the brain simultaneously. If you drove around time with your foot pedal to the metal while braking what do you think would happen to your engine? Exactly!

We could measurably see that Stan was using this pattern and it needed to be changed and improved. If you struggle with headaches, I can help. through my personal neuro training program, I can help you feel and perform your best. 

Note for the Neurofeedback Experts to Get Rid of Headaches:

Science shows that a brain pattern of Headaches is primarily one of High Beta excess in the frequencies of 21-30 Hz.  Tension headaches have been shown to be created by irregular processing of pain from the neck and shoulder region. This processing deficiency happens because the brain is hyper-aroused in High Beta and can’t turn down the pain signals after muscle tension is created. The excess High Beta keeps the muscle tension turned on. This in turn self-perpetuates the creation of more high beta production. You guessed it, a physiological negative feedback loop. Visit the scientific study HERE for more information.

How to Get Rid of Headaches

Science shows that when High Beta use is decreased headache symptoms decrease and subside. A study from 2011, that looked at 71 people with migraine headaches, proved that a reduction in High Beta helps to alleviate headaches. This is what we did for Stan. We reduced the production of High Beta and for him, in particular, we had to reduce production of Theta as well. Simultaneously we increased the production of Alpha medium speed so that his brain could process information in real time and not create headaches. Stan feels better to this day.

Note for the Neurofeedback Experts to Get Rid of Headaches:

Specifically, the study showed a reduction in frequencies between 21-30 Hz with an increase in 10 Hz helped patients the most. You can visit the scientific study abstract HERE for more information.

If you or someone you love struggles with headaches and are not reaching your full potential then run, don’t walk to your nearest Neurofeedback Experts’ office. If you’d like more information on how Neurofeedback works visit my office’s website at Leigh Brain and Spine.


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