How to Reach Your Full Potential.

Want to know how to reach your full potential? Well, let me tell you. It has never been harder, and easier, than now. It is harder because we are all more stressed out and busier than any other time in history. Over-worked and with too much on our plates, it is difficult to reach a calm and focused state. A calm focused state is what is essential to reach your full potential.

It has never been easier because of what I call “biohacking”.  Biohacking is the use of high tech. tools to assess how your brain and body are performing so that you can make them perform better. My personal neuro training program is based on the principles of biohacking. First, in your assessment, we analyze how your brain, mind, and body are performing. Then we take that information, start training and see how many gains we can make in all areas. We keep create and then tweak a formula specifically made for you based upon your brain and body’s levels.

Full Potential Assessment

EEG (Electroencephalogram) Brain Performance Assessment

Using state-of-the-art EEG, this assessment will show you how your brain is currently performing in terms of electrical activity. This is a measure of your ability to achieve a calm, focused, optimal brain state. For this measure, you will use your Muse Calm Headband and perform the Mind Meditation activity for at least 5 minutes. Dr. Leigh will be able to access your session data via the online portal. She will use this information to evaluate your baseline brain performance pattern. From there she can make brain training recommendations.

Heart Rate Efficiency Assessment

This assessment will show you the starting point for your heart rate efficiency. It will show your average heart rate as well as the high and low points too. In this way you can learn, through your training, to decrease all levels to reach a calmer, more focused state. For this measure, you will perform the Heart Meditation feature within the Muse Calm app. Do this meditation for at least 5 minutes. Dr. Leigh will be able to see the data from your session in the online portal and can make some impressions based upon how your rate is behaving. Dr. Trish will be able to make behavioral recommendations based on this work.

Breathing Efficiency Assessment

This measure will reflect your ability to calm your breathing and reach harmony with a guide. Calmer breath reflects a more regulated nervous system and controls self-regulation skills. This measure uses the body movement accelerometer and heart rate measurements to determine regulation skills based upon breathing patterns.

Body Movement Assessment

This assessment provides a baseline of your body’s activity levels, using a body accelerometer, versus ability your body’s ability to get and stay relaxed. A relaxed body sends signals to the brain, heart, and breath to perform in a relaxed mode.

Sleep Efficiency Assessment

Your sleep efficiency will be measured based upon your perception using a sleep efficiency checklist. If you happen to have any sleep data, including heart rate and breathing rate, this data can be used to assess how much restorative sleep you are getting. Sleep goals and strategies can be made based on your assessment. Neuro training, in and of itself, improves sleep. Progress in your sleep efficiency can be measured based upon your assessment scores.

Personality Type Assessment

Eight personality types have been identified. Each type has been shaped and molded by childhood experiences. Identifying your type can be a map for self-discovery and personal growth. Your type guides how you think, act, and feel based upon your core fears and core desires. Each type has a better and worse version of itself. Your assessment will help you identify not only your type but how much room for improvement you have within your type. Once that is discerned, goals and strategies can be implemented to move you toward higher levels of self-actualization.

Full Potential Goals Assessment

Your long-term goals and short-term objectives will be identified through this assessment tool. Once identified a behavioral plan will be outlined, with the help of Dr. Trish Leigh, so that you can take action steps toward achieving those goals. Neuro training of the above parameters will improve the way your brain and body function. This will make it easier for you to implement the strategies and make gains quicker toward your Full Potential.

Neuro Training with Dr. Trish Leigh

What parameters are being trained when I work with Dr. Trish Leigh?

Great question. A wide variety of physiological measures can be trained to work better. When your brain, heart, and body perform better together, your mind can flourish.

EEG (Electroencephalogram) Brain Training

Using a proprietary algorithm, the high-tech headband you will use will calculate the mode in which your brain is performing during each training session. It will assess if your brain is active, neutral, or calm. Then it will provide auditory feedback to gently guide your brain into a calm mode. The more it gets into the calm mode during your training sessions, the calmer it will become overall. The calculation for “calm” is based on two primary factors: mental calmness and mental alertness.

Mental Calmness

  • Mental calmness is measured by the production of alpha (medium) brain speed. This speed is in the middle and produces feelings of calm. At the same time, your brain is producing lower levels of High Beta (extra fast) brain speed. High Beta is associated with feelings of anxiety, stress, overdrive, and overwhelm. When this speed is trained down, you feel calmer on the inside and appear calmer in your outward behaviors.

Mental Alertness

  • Mental alertness occurs when your brain is using the proper amounts of Low Beta (medium-fast) speed. I always refer to Low Beta as “perfect processing speed” because it is the most desirable during the day when a person is trying to be productive but feel great too. Low Beta is the brain speed that helps you focus and maintain calm alertness. It is the brain mode used when a person is in “the zone”. It is close in frequency to alpha, medium brain speed that produces calm feelings but with a bit more attention.
  • At the same time, during mental alertness, your brain produces less of Delta (extra slow) and Theta (slow) brain speeds that are involved in sleep. Delta and Theta are associated with fatigue, memory challenges, inattention, and lack of focus. In fact, too much Theta speed is the biomarker for ADD and ADHD. During your EEG training sessions, Delta and Theta will be trained down to increase your feelings of calm alertness.
  • In a nutshell. Many people’s brains have learned to operate out at the extremes of fatigue, overwhelm, multi-tasking, exhaustion (Delta and Theta) and stressed out, anxiety-provoking overdrive (High Beta) that leads them to burn-out, addictions, and a host of mental health challenges. Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change across our lifetimes, proves that your brain can be trained to perform better and then learn to stay there FOREVER. I want to help you accomplish it to reach your Full Potential.

Heart Rate Efficiency Training

Your heart rate is associated with your state and mood. It has scientifically been measured to change when you are relaxed, asleep, stressed, or aroused. Your heart rate increases during times of stress, making it more difficult to respond well. With exacerbated heart rate levels “mini” fight or flight occurs many times throughout your day. This makes you feel more stressed and you react instead of respond to people and situations with purpose and intention. During the training, you will learn to control your high and low heart rate and decrease your average heart rate over time.

Using heart rate efficiency training you will learn to calm your heart rate to new lower, controlled levels so that you can achieve a more relaxed baseline state of being. This means you are more chill. Starting from a more relaxed state, you, in turn, have more control over your reactions when under stress.

Breathing Efficiency Training

Learning to breathe in a controlled, relaxed manner has been associated with calming the nervous system. During your breathing efficiency trainings, you will be guided to achieve higher levels of harmony in your breath. This will help you achieve a more relaxed state, again which will help you deal with the challenges in life from a more grounded state of well-being. Once you have learned how to use your breath to improve the way you are feeling and performing overall, and when stressed, you can use the techniques in your daily life to achieve a perpetual feeling of calm.

Body Movement Training

Using a body accelerometer measurement, you will learn to relax your body. This training helps to engage “the other side of the street” per se. During brain training, heart rate, and breathing training you are learning to control those physiological measurements to affect change in the body. By controlling body movements, you are feeding calmness back to the breath, heart, brain and ultimately your mind. This will help you become more still on the outside and inside for greater feelings of calm and the ability to focus and be most productive.

Sleep Efficiency Training

Restorative sleep is perhaps one of the most important factors in reaching your Full Potential. If your brain is running fast or stressed out and your rate accelerates, breathing increases and body movement becomes erratic or excessive within the day, it will be almost impossible to fall and stay asleep. Lack of restorative sleep is a product of dysregulated patterns of the parameters described above. Training of the brain, mind, heart, breath, and body will facilitate proper sleep. During your sleep efficiency training, you will learn what factors throughout the day are impacting your sleep and put behavioral strategies, tips, and techniques into place to get better sleep than you have ever had before. Combined with a more efficient brain and body, your Full Potential will begin to unfold all by itself.

Personality Type Training

Once you know your personality type and then understand how it is impacting the way you think, make decisions, feel, and act, you will be able to think, feel, and act in new and better ways to reach your full potential. Most people are completely blown away to learn that many of their behaviors have been influenced by the way that they were brought up. So many of our behaviors are patterned after our childhood traumas and experiences. All of us feel like we need to have control over our lives. We exert control in different ways depending upon our personality type.

Dr. Trish Leigh will walk you through understanding your type and then implementing daily strategies to keep you at the best version of your type and prevent you from devolving into the worse version of your type. This alone can be a game-changer toward reaching your Full Potential. The physiological training that you complete in the above parameters will make so that you have the capacity to reach the best version of yourself and you will not be limited to a lower level version because of the way that your brain and body are running. It all works together to help you reach your Full Potential.

Full Potential Goals Training

Goals are completely necessary in order to achieve anything. So many people don’t have goals. Even more, people don’t know how to set goals, never mind attain them. Dr. Trish Leigh will help you discover your true, unique, authentic goals. The ones you really care about and really want to achieve. Then she will plot the course for achieving big goals by helping you to chunk them down into smaller action steps. Dr. Leigh will keep you accountable for moving forward toward their accomplishment as she inspires and empowers along the way.

In order to reach your Full Potential, it is essential that you learn to respond thoughtfully and intentionally. By learning to train these parameters, you can reach that state to propel you forward.

Who is Personal Neuro Coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh a Good Fit For?

Dr. Leigh tends to work with busy professionals who are looking to reach their full potential through biohacking, goal setting, and behavioral strategies based upon your unique personality type. If you are a doctor, lawyer, business person, athlete, or high performer in your area, then neuro coaching with Dr. Trish Leigh is likely right for you. If you struggle with chronic pain, burn out, drug or alcohol use, or any other compulsive behavior, Dr. Trish Leigh can help with her Full Potential program. If you struggle with sex addiction or compulsive pornography use, Dr. Leigh is completing certification as a Sexual Recovery Coach and Partners Recovery Coach. Using a proven formula, she can help you.

 Check Out Full Potential Personal Neuro Training Program Details HERE

If you are looking for Home Neurofeedback visit Leigh Brain & Spine for details. The home neurofeedback program is completely different than this neuro training program. Find details HERE.

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