Sexual Media

The Truth About Sexual Media

What is Sexual Media?

Sexual media is when an individual enters the screen to get a dopamine hit from looking at other people’s body parts.

Types can include:

  • Pornography sites
  • Social media

Asking yourself why¬†you’re on a site is important. What is the brain wanting to accomplish by going to a site or social media page? Connecting with family members on Facebook or following motivational pages on Instagram is a great reason to visit social media.

However, going there to look at images of other people’s bodies to get a dopamine hit due to boredom, stress, or depression is not a good reason. This goes for dating apps as well. Going there to look at people’s bodies instead of trying to build healthy relationships is also a form of sexual media.

Think About Your Reasons for Consuming Media

When thinking about reasons for going online, the brain may try hijacking your thinking by making you think you’re there for the right reasons when you’re not. So, really dig deep into why consuming this media is important. Because, every time the brain goes back into the screen for a dopamine hit, it further reinforces the behavior.


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