Masturbation Without Porn

Masturbation Without Porn

What About a Healthy Masturbation Habit?

People often want to know if there is a healthy way to masturbate without porn. There is! While recommending masturbation meditation, keep in mind it’s not for people overcoming addiction, here are some guidelines to practice when practicing masturbation.

  • Schedule it. Masturbating should not be done in a response to stress or boredom, so scheduling it is a way to prevent the brain from doing so to mood regulate.
  • Stay with the sensations in the body. Do not go to fantasy. Staying present will keep the brain in the good feelings the person is experiencing instead of venturing elsewhere.

Implementing a masturbation without porn habit can help build healthy sexuality, one without the unhealthy levels of dopamine that are damaging to the brain when consuming porn and masturbating in unhealthy ways.

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Importance of Masturbation Without Porn

Meditation is about being in the present. When meditating, you are staying in the body and freeing the mind. The body and the brain are being used as tools to regulate the mind. To bring the mind out of a negative version of the Self to the highest version of the Self. Remember this technique is designed to move you away from a porn habit and toward a healthy sex life with a partner. Masturbation meditation can bridge the gap if performed in a healthy way. Building healthy sexuality is important in living a healthy and happy life.

Using the same mental techniques when engaging with a partner can further increase healthy sexuality and build a strong connection with who you are with.

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