The Chaser Effect

In this video, Dr. Trish Leigh is going to cover three things number one what is the chaser effect, number two what is happening in the brain to create it, and unfortunately to create a nasty negative feedback loop that keeps you going back to the screen over and over, then of course number three is your brain tip for the day how can you break that negative feedback loop pattern interrupt it creates a positive feedback loop.


What is the chaser effect?

In case you haven’t heard of it after you have abstained from watching pornography or masturbating then you have a slip or a relapse it can lead to a binge or a binder. Where you keep going back for more and more especially if you’ve abstained. So the chaser effect is the feeling after you watch pornography and masturbate that you want to do it again you want to keep chasing the dopamine. That’s what it is and it comes down to dopamine and dopamine receptors in the brain.

In this porn brain reboot when we’re trying to reboot your brain and rewire it. If you have been able to stay away from the habit and your brain is going through this rewiring process and you experienced that feeling that urges that craving. That hijacker talking to you in your brain telling you I’ve got a brilliant idea let’s go watch some porn. When you have that thought dopamine’s already being released into your brain and if you give into it will get dopamine at that high high level. So if you’ve abstained for a week, two weeks, or three weeks your brain really wants itself to be bathed in that high level of dopamine that you had given it in the past and maybe consistently and frequently. It is the hijacker telling you let’s take a dopamine bath in my brain.


What’s happening in your brain?

We know it’s this flood of dopamine into your system, what you might not know is that at the same time the dopamine receptors and without going into it there are different types. But in particular d2 dopamine receptors are actually lowered, so the receptors that receive the signal that your brain is getting dopamine are lowered. Therefore, your brain actually needs more and more dopamine to kind of trigger that signal that yeah in fact we’re getting all this dopamine.

When it comes to the chaser effect, in particular, it goes back to these d2 dopamine receptors being dulled or being lowered. And dopamine signaling is interrupted and it’s not sending the signal throughout your brain to tell you, in fact, we’re getting this flood of dopamine. First of all, it’s created by too much dopamine because this dopamine bath fries out the reward center in the middle of your brain it’s desensitizing these receptors and it is disrupting the signaling.



More Information

If you’re interested in learning more about the chaser effect, click the video linked above. However, if you’re ready to quit porn for good and get the support you need visit my website or youtube channel for more information.

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